Empowerment & Women Self-defence Seminar

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Mirror magazine


Fitness coach wants to get women physically and mentally fit.

The self defence classes will help women fight off verbal as well as physical attacks

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Moral Self Defence with Lady L 

It was far from what I expected. The class was not just physical self-defence but it went into ways to protect yourself from verbal attacks.

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It’s going to teach you how to love yourself, teach you how to value yourself, and teach you how to be a strong woman; a confident woman. It’s going to teach you how to stop attacking yourself.



What they're saying...

Adrijiana D.

 "The self-defence empowerment  class we had really made me wake up to how unprepared I was to life  situations we could all find ourselves in. I mean, to have the skill  and confidence that us women can help ourselves and be strong is exactly  what I am missing in my life!" 

Dreamy D.

"I think this should be taught in every school honestly!"


"I wanted to tell you how empowering and amazing your seminar was, it was a thousand percent more than I imagined and helped in ways I didn't imagine was possible.

You are literally my new hero. Nobody needs MARVEL or DC to find a hero to look up to when there are human beings as powerful as you walking around.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring us all."


 "Just wanted to thank you again for your seminar. It was so much fun and enlightening. As for you, damn girl you're an inspiration."

Helen S.

"Thank you for a really awesome inspiring day. I had been feeling low and down on myself for quite some time, to the point that I didn't go out at all until today. 

I am so glad I did.

I feel so much better, newly invigorated and optimistic. Thank you for giving me the tools to build myself back up." Xxx


"Your class was much needed.

I loved it.

 We should be teaching children this at school, at women’s groups, the LGBTQ community...the world is your oyster."

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