Chastity Diet Project


The following program is only for men who find time for everything except their own health!

Do you need motivation to set habits that will keep you on track to get in better shape ?

" The Chastity Diet Project ” Online Transformation Challenge will finally provide the answers you’ve been looking for…                                                                                           

All on MY terms

What better motivation then the desire to have an orgasm! My Chastity Diet Project is sure to help you stay on track for your fitness goals!

You will lock into Chastity,be put on a strict diet and exercise program, learn some of the foundations of healthier habits and behaviours, learn discipline, and discover the body you have desired.

I will set personalized fat loss goals that you must meet each week to be released at the end. Each week you fall short on those goals you will face a fine of $3 and have 2 days added to your Sentence.


 If you have fantasized about dropping body fat but haven’t known where to begin this is the perfect start.

If you ever want to cum again, you will learn to stick to your fitness goals!

There is absolutely no way you can fail. You will lose fat!


Here is what you get:

  • Weekly weight loss goals 
  • Fitness tasks
  •  “at home” workouts 
  • Gym workouts for those times you can actually get to the gym
  • Lock and (key)
  • Skype call with Lady L before challenge begins
  • Recipes to help keep you on track
  • Success Manual (probably THE most important piece of the puzzle!) 
  • 6-week diet Meal Plan
  • Chastity Agreement


All for only $125 (can be made in 2 payments)

 (price will go up 15 Dec)

If you’ve read enough, just click on the button below to register today!



 NOTE:  The start date for this special online program is  January 6th. You will need to sign up with enough time for me to send your lock.


You will FINALLY fit fitness into your life – all on MY terms!

You get EVERY tool you need for $125 during the  

“The Chastity Diet Project - Online Transformation Challenge”  

All you need to do is click one button! 

Here is the button again:

male chastity
cock lock
lock the cock

The Chastity Diet Project

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


The Chastity Diet Project will truly improve your life. This is NOT just a 6-week transformation challenge. It’s going to be an eye-opening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a cage yet?

Not a problem. Once you register I will help you in choosing an appropriate cage

What if I have a cage with an integrated lock?

That’s never a problem. I will simply send you a lock and have you secure the key in a jar at my instruction. Everyone will need to have a specific clip seal jar for the challenge.

I’m Owned already, can I still participate?

You may but only with the permission of your owner.

Can I make payments?

Yes. The payments can be split into 2 separate payments

You need to request it on the signup form. 

I will set you up on a payment plan.

There are absolutely no refunds.

If I can’t stay locked all 6-weeks, can I participate?

Yes. However, once your cage is unlocked you will be out of the challenge until the next one. So I suggest to purchase your chastity immediately, so you have enough time to wear it and work out any discomforts

Will you hold my key?

Absolutely, I will have a key as well. 

I will take full control during this challenge.